To All SVF North and South Customers (please scroll down for all messages in date order, newest at the top):

SVF North Announcement 21st April 2020:

In light of the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been working very hard to look at all the sensible options and the decision has been taken to reschedule Stone Valley Festival North to the weekend of 21st to 23rd August 2020. This decision reflects a wish to ensure that SVF North is still here in future years, while unequivocally putting public health front and centre during these worrying times.

We haven't taken this decision lightly, but we have to prioritise everyone’s health and safety and we feel that even if restrictions were sufficiently lifted in 10 weeks time, many people would choose not to attend anyway.

You will have noticed that the rescheduled dates are across 3 days. We have had many requests from people to do this for the last couple of years, so we can feature many more bands each year, and have been considering it for some time. We have therefore decided to extend the rescheduled SVF North to 3 days (Friday to Sunday) to match our sister festival SVF South, and the rescheduled dates have given us the opportunity to do this, so we can accommodate, not only all the bands who have so kindly reworked their schedules, to still be able to play for you across the new weekend, but also some fantastic additional names. The first of these is the superb Bad Manners playing on the Sunday 23rd August and more exciting names will be announced in the next week or so.

These are unprecedented times for us all that none of us could have foreseen, and sadly thousands of businesses will not make it out of the other side of the crisis. As a small local festival business that has always sought to bring you the very best live music for the last 8 years, at incredible-value ticket prices, and reinvests in its events each year, to make them bigger and better, the recent crisis has made it incredibly difficult, especially when many payments for this year have already been made and everything suddenly comes to a halt. In order to support the whole live music industry and suppliers and to ensure the festival will still be here for many years to come we ask if you could kindly keep your tickets to either use in August or at 2021's event and support the future of SVF North.

ALL tickets are valid for the rescheduled dates and will also now include the extra Sunday music (Camping tickets will also include Sunday night camping). There is NO extra charge for the Sunday. We appreciate that there will be some people who are unable to make the rescheduled dates and if you can't make it your tickets can be made valid for next year's SVF North on the weekend of 25th to 27th June 2021, which will also run for 3 days. Simply email us at to confirm and we will send you official confirmation that the tickets can then be used at our 2021 festival. By keeping all festival tickets valid, so you can attend in August, or at next year’s event, we can ensure that Stone Valley will be here for the long-term, year after year.

We will also be emailing all this information out to all ticket-holders over the next 24 hours. The first guaranteed bands on the line-up are on the poster and we're delighted to have also just received confirmation tonight that The Dualers can appear on the rescheduled weekend. The final line-up confirmation will follow in the next few days and we must thank all the bands and suppliers who have rallied in support of us.

Whilst there is still a risk, of course, that SVF North might have to be completely rescheduled to 2021 if public gatherings are banned for the whole of the summer, we are giving ourselves a fighting chance of still holding SVF North this year, as well, and like many events we're hoping that August is far enough away to give us this chance. If all events were eventually banned for the whole year ALL tickets will immediately be honoured for 25th to 27th June 2021.

Since 2013 when 600 of us gathered in the 'tin shed' this has always been YOUR festival and YOU make it what it is - much more than an average festival. We are now faced with huge challenges that no one could have foreseen, but with your support we can get through this and still have a very special weekend, better than ever.

Stay safe and well and we'll see you there.

SVF team

PS This article from the BBC News website perfectly sums up the predicament that hundreds of festivals are facing and how they will all need support from ticket-holders to preserve live music events for the future:…

SVF South Announcement about Covid-19 - Coronavirus 18th March 2020:

In light of the most recent Government announcements in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic and to follow on from our message last week, posted on Facebook and our website, we have taken the decision to postpone Stone Valley Festival South until the August Bank Holiday Weekend of 28th to 30th August 2020. This decision reflects a wish to ensure that the Festival is here in future years, while unequivocally putting public health front and centre during these troubling times.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we have to prioritise everyone’s health and safety and at this time we feel many people would choose not to attend anyway in May. The Government’s advice that the vulnerable and over 70’s should self-isolate from this Friday for 3 months, falls directly in the time that Stone Valley Festival South would have been held and it would run against our inclusive aims to see a position that may unfairly preclude elderly or unwell persons from attending the event.

We have chosen the next Bank Holiday Weekend as it is nearly 6 months away, to give everyone a chance to come along, and means that the festival will still run for three days and is still equally well placed on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Final line-up confirmation will follow in the next few days but we can already confirm now that the vast majority of bands and artists have already confirmed that they are able to appear and have rallied in support and worked their diaries around the new dates, in order to still be able to play, and we must thank them for their support. We are working hard with the final few artists to finish this off.

As a small team of live music lovers we have, for the last 8 years, always sought to bring festivals that not only have fantastic live music but are great value, and at this difficult time we ask you to support us by keeping your tickets, to use on the revised dates. Like all smaller festivals we will need your support in order to get through to the other side of this crisis and guarantee the event will go ahead for many years to come. The only way of doing this is by keeping your tickets which will be honoured for the new dates on the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

However, if at that time, you are ill, self-isolating, or unable to make that weekend, simply email us at to confirm and we will send you official confirmation that the tickets can then be used at our 2021 festival. By keeping all festival tickets valid, so you can attend in August, or at next year’s event, we can ensure that Stone Valley will be here for the long-term, year after year, and give us all something to look forward to.

Postponement of Stone Valley South to August instead of cancelling the event altogether means ticket refunds, for which our policy is set out in our Terms and Conditions, cannot be given. Since cancellation would mean the event could not return in the future, we ask you to support this festival and secure its future, and we will honour your ticket to attend this August or in 2021.

At this time, since it falls outside of the advised 3 month period, Stone Valley Festival North will continue as planned on the 26th and 27th June 2020.

These are unprecedented times and like all small businesses we are now faced with huge challenges that no one could have foreseen, but with your support we can get through this and still have a great weekend, albeit in 23 weeks time.

Stay safe and see you at the show.

SVF North Announcement about Covid-19 - Coronavirus 18th March 2020:

The Team at Stone Valley Festival are continuing to take and seek out as much expert advice as possible, as well as considering every announcement by the government regarding the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

As you will all be aware, the government recently advised that all persons who are over the age of 70 or who have underlying health conditions which increase their vulnerability to Covid 19 to actively withdraw from avoidable social contact for a period of 3 months. The 3-month period will cover a length of time up to mid-June 2020. To ensure that there is no risk that vulnerable persons could be unfairly discriminated against (which would run against our primary aim to bring great value live music to everyone) we have taken action in relation to other events that we organise, including Stone Valley Festival South, to postpone the events to such a time that everyone is able to enjoy them.

Since this period will end in mid-June 2020, Stone Valley Festival North which takes place on the 26th and 27th June 2020 will be unaffected. Since this will allow us to undertake our goal of delivering a great value festival to everyone who wishes to attend, Stone Valley Festival North will continue, on its scheduled dates, as planned.

We consider it our duty to our customers to comprehensively plan for the Festival, in every respect. On this basis, we have begun the process of setting out a contingency plan for an alternative option, should it be required, to move the Stone Valley Festival North to the 21st and 22nd of August. We do want to reinforce that this is a fall-back option and not one that we yet intend to implement.

Stone Valley Festival North will proceed as planned on the 26th and 27th of June 2020 at this time.

Look forward to seeing you all and stay safe.

Stone Valley Festival Team

SVF North & South Announcement about Covid-19 - Coronavirus 12th March 2020:

The ongoing concern regarding Covid-19 and Coronavirus are, correctly, in everyone’s minds at present. With this in mind, we have decided to explain our current approach and the consideration given to it.
Since the early stages of the progression of the virus within the UK, we have been in regular contact with appropriate expert bodies and sought out all current professional advice to determine an appropriate, safe and considered response to ongoing concerns.
At this time, and after due consideration of advice from the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer which stated that “[since] the virus will not survive very long outside, many outdoor events, particularly, are relatively safe”, we have decided that the Festival will proceed as planned, with suitable measures and steps undertaken to provide suitable assistance to our customers in maintaining suitable hygiene, sanitation and public health steps.

There are 2 immediate concerns expressed by customers that we wish to address at this time and provide definite reassurance to our valued supporters:

  1. The Festival will proceed as planned without cancellation and, in as far as is within our control on the original date, though it goes without saying that should government and scientific advice change and the date were to become unsuitable for a public gathering, the Festival will run with the shortest possible postponement. Postponement will only be if government advice, contrary to its current position, is to suggest that it would be unsafe on its current date and [postponement] would then be for the shortest time possible before the Festival takes place.
  2. In the event that any of our customers are unable to attend the Festival due to self-isolation as a result of infection or possible infection, we will honour that same ticket to the next Festival without any further costs or fees. We hope our customers appreciate that this is a major step not replicated by many other festivals and is indicative of our wish to stand by our customers through this time, as we hope they stand by us.

Public Health England have been very clear in their message that improved personal hygiene, awareness of symptoms and self-isolation for those affected are the primary steps on which the UK’s response will focus. To support this and assist our customers, we are already committed and have begun work toward the following:

  • A substantial up-scaling of hygiene facilities available at the festival including hand sanitising points and hand washing stations;
  • Provision of ample signage and other information distribution in the run up to and at the Festival highlighting all public information, symptom awareness and “What to do” briefings to assist our customers in supporting our efforts to produce a safe event in line with national approaches to managing the ongoing public health concern;
  • A significant increase in the quantity of toilets, showers and other welfare facilities available;
  • Deployment of a dedicated team who will collectively clean, maintain and sanitise toilet, shower and other washing facilities 24/7 throughout the Festival;
  • A full appraisal of the current environment will be carried out by our Festival’s dedicated Medical Team who will implement such additional measures as are recommended in light of the ongoing outbreak to suitable manage any persons who may become unwell. Our consideration in respect of medical services provided remains as it always has been – we aim to ensure that our customers have quicker and easier access to medical services at our festivals than they would in their home. That objective will remain the case moving forward and we will fully commit to all suitable steps and investment to maintain it;
  • We are working actively to take sensible steps to increase the size of our event spaces and Arena, with a view to allow persons more room and decreasing close contact within the Festival.

We would like to summarise this announcement and re-iterate the following:

  • We are firmly committed to ensuring that the Festival takes place on its planned date, in a safe manner and with all suitable consideration and investment undertaken to place customer welfare as an uninterrupted priority;
  • Should public health advice change from its current guidance that outdoor events remain safe, we will consider postponement of the Festival to such a time that no risk is posed in this respect;
  • Even in the event that you are unable to attend the festival as a result of infection, we will voluntarily honour your ticket for the next Festival at no cost to you;

We hope you appreciate our efforts and the steps we are taking to manage the Festival safely and sensibly; we certainly appreciate your ongoing support.

See you at the show

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