Keep The Faith Festival 4-5th Sept 2020


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Here are the details of the festival and how the event is going to be run, to make it Covid-Secure. Please remember these would not be the normal arrangements for an SVF, at any other time, or the normal way we would sell tickets, etc, but these are not normal times. We have thought long and hard as to whether you'd want an event staged in this way and speaking to many SVFers - yes you do!

This will not be easy to set up, involving a lot of extra work and expense than normal, for our team, but we know how much you want something to enjoy this year and we decided to go for it, as what better way to end a difficult summer for us all, than with some fantastic live music. The festival will be made fully Covid-Secure, with your safety as our number one priority. Here are all the main points to note, so please read through carefully:

  • In order to allow this festival to run, tickets have to be purchased in small groups of between 2 and 6 people. We appreciate that this will mean many of you speaking to mates to 'group up' but this is the only way they can be arranged for this event, as each group will get their own safe viewing area, marked out on the ground, with space between pitches to be able to walk to the bar, toilets, etc. Each group will have to remain in their own marked area when watching the music, which will be spacious enough for you to bring along blankets, folding chairs, etc, if you prefer.
  • We will be using the biggest site area for the music, on the Showground (normally Camp Site B), with a big outdoor stage and video screens so wherever your viewing area is, you'll get a fantastic view (and great sound of course!).
  • Camp Sites will be located in the normal SVF Site A and Site C Camp Sites, both a 5 minute stroll from the music arena and both with the same facilities. We cannot guarantee which camp site you'll be in as they'll be allocated on a first ordered basis, but will be equally as accessible and will be clearly signposted on the weekend. You will be advised n advance of the event of which camp site you're in.
  • On arrival to the music arena you will be given the number of which viewing pitch area your group are located in and how close to the stage, will be on a first ordered basis, but as mentioned above, this will be the biggest stage SVF has ever used and with large video screens.

The Non-Camping and Camping ticket prices below (plus booking fee), are full weekend only (Friday and Saturday) per person, as part of a group of 2,3,4,5 or 6:

  • GROUP OF 2 PEOPLE: £38 each
  • GROUP OF 3 PEOPLE: £36 each
  • GROUP OF 4 PEOPLE: £34 each
  • GROUP OF 5 PEOPLE: £32 each
  • GROUP OF 6 PEOPLE: £30 each

Tickets are for ages 13 and above. 12 and unders are free, limited to ONE free Under 13s ticket per purchased ticket. Please note, free Under 13s must be included in your group numbers (maximum 6 people of all ages per group).

  • Tickets will go on sale from 27th July on our tickets Page.
  • Tickets for a group must be purchased together on the same order. For example if there's 5 of you then all 5 tickets will need to be ordered at the same time, on one order. We appreciate that this means working out who purchases tickets on behalf of your group but is essential, so we know the exact number of different sized groups attending. All tickets ordered for your group will have the same identity number, so on arrival if some of your group arrive at a different time we can identify where you're located.
  • Any questions can be emailed to us at

We appreciate there's a lot of information to go through but live music is still only permitted when various conditions and guidance are followed, so to be able to bring you a great weekend we have had to plan this extremely carefully. But we’ve put together something special and once you're there watching brilliant live music, having a drink and enjoying yourselves, it'll be well worth it.



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