All camp sites in 2022 will have

  • Drinking water supply
  • 24/7 security
  • Toilets
  • Free showers
  • ELSAN waste disposal.

Click on the site map showing all camping site locations which is pictured here. Please note all camp sites close on the Monday 30th August 2022 at 2pm.

We will operate three equally beautiful camping sites:

        • RED CAMP SITE 1 This site is closest to the main music arena and includes a Disabled camping area.
        • WHITE CAMP SITE 2, is situated immediately next to the Red Site and only a minute's walk to the music area. White campsite also includes a Disabled camping area.
        • BLUE CAMP SITE 3, is only a five minute stroll away from the main music site, located slightly further away, including a quiet camping area.

All 3 camp sites will have sections for:

  • Motorhomes/Caravans/Camper Vans/Live-In Vehicles (Live-In Vehicle Camping tickets)
  • Tents and accompanying vehicles (Tent Camping tickets).

The Red and White campsites also include a: Disabled Camping area (including disabled facilities). This can be reserved by booking the free Disabled Access Permit when ordering your tickets

The White campsite includes a separate secure camping area for:

  • Scooters and tents.

For 2022 there will be a team on each site, to help you unload your camping gear, and if in a tent with a car, your car will be parked very close by, next door in the secure car parking section.

BLUE Camp Site 3  is recommended for people looking for a quieter camping pitch a little further away from the music arena. For anyone who struggles with the 5 minute walk to the arena in 2022 there will be a steward with a golf buggy facility to take you to/from the arena.


Are charged per person and there are 3 different age group ticket options. Under 18s must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult and under 5 infants are free:

  • Adults
  • Age 14-17
  • Age 5-13


If camping in a Caravan, Motorhome or Camper Van please order the Live-In Vehicle Camping tickets and during the tickets ordering process, please confirm how many live-in vehicles you will be bringing. A small awning on the vehicle is also permitted.


If camping in a tent, please order the Tents Camping tickets. Whilst we do not operate strict pitch sizes, please use discretion to be fair to everyone and bring a tent that is no larger than 2-person per camper, e.g. no bigger than a 4-person tent for 2 people, 6-person tent for 3 people, 8-person tent for 4 people, etc. This will ensure everyone gets fair space, as if everyone brought 8-person tents for 2 campers, for example, it would reduce the number of camping tickets available.


Campers can bring personal food and drink onto the site for consumption by campers, in the camp site only.

You may bring limited food and soft drink into the music entertainment area, when you arrive, for personal consumption only. A small food picnic in a small bag or rucksack is allowed, (no large bags, holdalls or cool boxes), plus one 500ml plastic, sealed and previously unopened bottle of soft drink or water per person is permitted. However, your own alcohol may not be consumed in the designated entertainment area due to licensing restrictions.

Free drinking water will be provided so you can bring in an empty reusable plastic or aluminium bottle for refills.

NO GLASS or metal utensils are allowed anywhere on site due to Health & Safety restrictions.


We want people to enjoy their time at SVF Midlands, to the fullest, and that means great camping facilities, but we must balance this against safety requirements and good practice.  To that end, our advice on BBQs, Camping Stoves and Fires is set out below:

  • Open fires are permitted only in fireproof containers clearly raised from the ground (fire pits etc) and should only be used when supervised by persons sober and sensible.
  • BBQs are permitted only when clearly raised from the ground (fire pits etc) and should only be used when supervised by persons sober and sensible.
  • Camping Stoves are permitted, and we wholeheartedly encourage people to use either solid or liquid fuelled options which are not only much safer but more environmentally friendly too.
  • If you use a gas canister supplied stove (butane etc) please ensure that you bring only the minimum amount of gas required for your stay and both always use and store these items appropriately.
  • All fires / stoves must always be used an appropriate distance from any tents.  At least 1m is essential and over 2m for any form of open fire or BBQ.
  • Security will prevent any improper use of fires, BBQs or stoves and person who fail to follow these basic safety steps risk their items being seized and/or being ejected from the Festival.

Please enjoy, but do so sensibly and safely, thank you.

Campers please note

  • If you have camping tickets and would like to camp near to friends, please try to ensure you enter the site all together, as camping plots will be filled up sequentially.
  • There is no designated meeting area inside the site, so if you want to camp together, please arrive together, as the sites are filled up sequentually, on arrival.
  • For safety, all vehicles will be parked separately to tents, in the car park section right next door, so no long walk with your camping gear and we'll be there to help with your camping arrangements. Please note, live-in vehicles such as campers, caravans, motorhomes, etc, will not be able to pitch up in the Tents section for safety reasons.
  • If you have any other specific camping requirements or queries, please email us at or Contact page >>and we will do everything we can to help you. Also note that camping tickets will not be available on the gate - camping is pre-sale only.

Don\'t miss it - we\'ll see you there!

All camping and day tickets will be strictly limited on a first come first served basis. The team who run all the SVFs really care about the festival and can promise you fantastic live music, a great, friendly, festival atmosphere, and a brilliant weekend that everyone can afford. We're really proud of SVF and we know the SVF crowd love it too. Don't miss our brand new Midlands SVF and we'll see you there!




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